The word subterfuge in the work by Luís Athouguia does not exist

The word subterfuge in the work by Luís Athouguia does not exist. In fact words are not a part of his work at all. Lines and colors are transfigured onto the canvas where they glorify the wonderful universe we inhabit. They sharpen thoughts that were born and then lost in the midst of our dreams. They act as bridges that guide us towards true eternity. Not that illusive eternity where there is no end and in which time stretches on forever… instead, he grabs hold of the beginning, of raw, primordial material, and there, where the soul takes shape, he finds truth supreme and all that the mind cannot conceive…

Courage is required in order to literally dive into the work he produces. To do so it is crucial that we reach a state of absolute freedom within ourselves which can usually only be found when we merge sleep and the world of dreams and let go of reality. Only thus can we conceive and feel the artistic universe brought to us by his paintings. It is in this subliminal manner, whilst we are both free and terribly lost, that we are able to conceive the new paths proposed by his work.

This is what Luís Athouguia brings to us. The eternity from which we sprang, where we still are at present and will remain forever.

It does not matter whether we are aware of it or not!

(translated by Ana Rosa Ascenso)